The word, ‘Hero’ has become slightly tarnished in pop culture by a few unfeasibly attractive fictitious super-humans in tight lycra flying around CGI sets in predictable storylines.

The real heroes of faith are ordinary people like you and me with real fears and real emotions and real dreams. They are people who have overcome real adversity to do something utterly inspiring.

They are often marked by pure humility, relentless mercy and simple bravery. They are those who have laid down their lives to love their neighbours for no other reason than the fact that they care. Rarely are they given celebrity status, although rarely are they bothered. Fame and fortune are fickle by-products of genuine heroism. To stand for something that matters is reward enough.

For many, the greatest hero came not from sport, music, film or politics but from a small town called Nazareth in the backwaters of the Middle East. He knew what it meant to lay his life down for his neighbours and even his enemies. You can spot a real follower of this Carpenter from Nazareth by the fact that they act like him. Courageous, compassionate and content with obscurity for the honour of serving their servant King.


LukeX is committed to telling the stories of these unsung heroes, not to bring them the recognition they deserve, for rarely do they want it, but for the sole purpose of letting their lives inspire ours.

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