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What is the LukeX Project?

The LukeX Project offers a platform for heroes of faith to share their stories and inspire others.

The golden thread running through all their stories is faith in Jesus, so to understand their lives, we have undertaken to investigate his.

Our aim is to dust off the misrepresentations of Jesus in religious relics, journey back to a time before political powers hi-jacked his movement and uncover the raw, untarnished and revolutionary figure at the heart of the current spiritual awakening.

All our work is inspired by the lives of real people who are living out their faith on the front lines.

Why the name LukeX?

Much of what we know about Jesus’ early movement was recorded by a Greek physician in the first century.

That man was Luke; a doctor, historian and writer. He wasn't related to the early followers of Jesus, he was an outsider, carefully observing the movement with its miracles and martyrdoms, interviewing the eyewitnesses and painstakingly recording the details so that others could find out what was happening. His life became more like a war journalist than a sheltered scholar, as he journeyed with that bunch of rag-tag revolutionaries, risking life and limb to document the movement as it rippled out across the globe.

Ship-wrecked in the Mediterranean and washed up on Malta with a mixed bag of soldiers, prisoners and social outcasts, he must have wondered what he’d got himself into. But he’d seen too much to turn back. He carefully recorded his research in the Gospel of Luke and the sequel, Acts of the Apostles and his words now form a substantial part of the world’s best-selling book.

Inspired by the original Luke, the LukeX Project are curious to find out what it looks like to be a follower of Jesus in our generation.

Our work does not carry the authority of the original Luke, we're not writing Scripture, we're simply following the journey as it continues today.

What are the values of the LukeX Project?

We don’t represent any political group, nation state or religious denomination. Jesus’ command is to ‘love your neighbour,’ and we value everyone we meet, regardless of their background. 

Our only confession is that we are followers of Jesus ourselves and we don't pretend to be anything else. No media is neutral. We want to be wholly honest about where we’re coming from so that you can take or leave what we say, agree or disagree, ask your questions or join Jesus' movement yourself.

We are a non-profit organisation. All our media is freely available so please respect our position by sharing our media without editing, altering or profiting from it, quoting as your source.

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