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"Dan's book demonstrates that the future will belong to the peacemakers - the true heroes among us."

- Bear Grylls, adventurer - 

“Dans book is truly inspirational. His journey and insights into the lives, cultures and hearts of people from different countries and continents across the world is an encouraging and awesome read. Miracles are happening all around us.”

- Pat Lam, Director of Bristol Bears Rugby -

"This engaging, excellent and insightful book is a great read. It is thought-provoking, heart-warming and potentially life-changing. Highly recommended - read it and share it."

- Revd Canon J.John -

"One of the most inspiring books I have read for many years."

- Baroness Caroline Cox -

"The power of this book is that it's written by an ordinary guy who took a leap of faith and found himself in extraordinary places meeting extraordinary people."

- Dan Green, Founder & Director of Bridges for Communities -

"Be warned, these are powerful stories from radical people: they will challenge you, inspire you and invite you to join them in a brave new world."

- Simon Guillebaud, Founder of GLO Burundi and author of Choose Life -

"Dan is no ordinary geography teacher. He is more like Indiana Jones. Overflowing with an adventurous spirit and inquisitive mind, he hunts not for buried artefacts but for buried stories."

- Andy Frost, author of Long Story Short -

60 Second Snapshot

Facing the Canon

Canon J.John interviews Dan Morrice about the journey behind 'Finding the Peacemakers'

Launch Night

James Lee and Dan Morrice shares stories from the book on the night of the launch

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